1979-06-23 - Pilton, UK
Glastonbury Fayre 1979
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Live Archive - Glastonbury (Coppola Tape Archives - Flotsam And Jetsam Production)
- Pilton (Shepton Mallet), UK - Worthy Farm - Glastonbury - aud (44m)
Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Joe Partridge, John Giblin, Tom Robinson, Nona Hendryx, Andy Anderson,

Steve Hillage, Alex Harvey + Geoff Westley (?), Preston Heyman (?), David Jackson (?)

cover cover

1) Here Comes The Flood (Peter Gabriel) (3:07) *
2) Don't Take No For An Answer (Tom Robinson) (5:18) **
3) I Don't Remember (Peter Gabriel) (5:34) ***
4) Bully For You (Tom Robinson) (5:04)
5) God Save The Queen (Alex Harvey) (1:14) $
6) You're The Only One I Ever Needed (Nona Hendryx) (3:17)
7) Solsbury Hill (Peter Gabriel) (4:51)
8) 2-4-6-8 Motorway (Tom Robinson) (6:04) =
9) It's Only Rock And Roll (All) (10:27)

* "Alex get off!". "Introduce you Peter Gabriel!".
** Band intro: Joe Partridge, Phil Collins, John Giblin, Tom Robinson.
*** Band intro: Nona Hendryx, Andy Anderson. Dropout at 2:10.
$ Band intro: Matthew (incomprehensable), Alex Harvey. [Cut after end].
= "Steve Hillage, take it baby!" (guitar solo).

poster ticket jam

Source: "Cassette to PC in Wave then index then flac".
[Glastonbury 1979] Shared as torrent on Genesis - The Movement by coppola.
No SBE's - TLH analysis.
"...The tape plays a little bit fast and sure someone out there with the technical knowhow can resolve this...".
Event confirmed by show ad and ticket (see above).

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Genesis The Movement - Peter Gabriel 1979-1980


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